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How To Fill Invalid click Activity Appeal Form For Google AdSense 2020


How To Fill Invalid Click Activity Appeal Form For Google AdSense 

In the form, they are some common details which you can fill up. In the form where they will ask you about URL, in these if your account is on youtube, Admob or Website then you have to copy paste URL link of the respectively disable account only.

Your record has never been a functioning AdSense account. Counsel
 program arrangements.
Your record is as of now suspended for invalid traffic or strategy reasons. Audit account suspended article for more data. 

Question 1 : How do users get to your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? How do you promote your content?

Answer : Users can get to our app through the iTunes App Store on iOS or by going to on their desktop or mobile web browser. We also have a website at with some information about our company and how we work, including a blog where we post content on a regular basis.--SW

Through our social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Weibo, Tumblr, Imgur. We also promote user content about our app on our social platforms

Call me crazy for thinking about this, but there's a possibility I'm going to want some sort of… how do you call them again?, yes. Oh, here they are. Plans. There you go. So yeah, I might be needing some sort of plan for the specific words you use to direct your existing and potential audience to your site.

Here at Purdue University, we want to make access to Purdue content as easy as possible. We have a channel on YouTube where you can find the bulk of our educational videos, from course overviews to specific lecture content. You can watch about any video, or search for exactly what you're looking for. In addition, you can find all of our podcasts on SoundCloud, and they're all categorized by topic. So keep an eye on this channel for updates, and subscribe so you don't miss any of it!

We have a YouTube channel at We have a site at And you can find us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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You can find our website ― . We promote content primarily through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We promote our content on the gaming subbreddits, facebook pages, twitter account and so much more. The subbreddits are probably the main way for us to promote it as we do giveaways/competitions there. Additionaly I also go to livestreams to show off the game.


The Smoothie app is available worldwide in the App Store, Google Play (Android), and at Nutrition facts are also available at

Question 2 : Have you or your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel ever violated the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions? If so, how?

Answer : Have not any invalid click activity before this. These violations also due to my mistakes, and happened unknowingly or due to negligence. I don’t me unknowingly.

Question 3 : What was the reason for invalid activity on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? Please provide detailed information about all specific reasons that you believe to be relevant in your case?

Answer :  Are you using any privacy policy or terms of service on your website to claim the rights? (If yes kindly provide a hyperlink)

Precise Reactions is the CPA review site which, any YouTube CPA advertiser can appeal if their channel or videos were disabled. This is one of several sites used to file the appeals.

Many Google AdSense publishers are confused about their account getting banned especially after they have already tried appealing the decision.

I was getting invalid clicks on my blog for months. At first I thought it might be due to Google algorithm updates. This time, it looks like it is not an update, but an issue that affected many publishers all around the world.

Our intent is to provide all AdSense publishers with a clear, objective, consistent, and scalable set of policy enforcement guidelines under which determinations about questionable publisher behavior are made, along with the capability to enforce these determinations in an efficient manner. These Guidelines are designed to support our stated commitment to all publishers that there will be no cap on the revenue they can earn through use of our program.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at 1-855-336-3668 or by emailing us.

Question 4 : What changes will you implement to help improve ad traffic quality on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? When answering, please refer to our suggestions on how to prevent invalid activity. ?

Answer : 

Collecting money for invalid traffic is against our AdSense Program policies. For this reason, you'll need to submit an appeal if you believe your account suspension was issued in error. To help you resolve the issue, we've created a form that guides you through the necessary steps. We're unable to modify our policies by responding to this email. If you have any other questions or feedback about invalid activity on your site or how to prevent it, please visit our ad policies page.

There are many reasons why you may receive an AdSense notification with the following message “This is an example of invalid activity.” If you can't tell why Google is telling you that your account is showing invalid activity, please answer the questions below by checking the ones most applicable to your site or click traffic issues.

Google has recently detected invalid activity on your site and according to policy, we have disabled your account. This letter is to provide information about the problem and appeal for your AdSense account to be re-enabled.

When millions of websites rely on AdSense to monetize their content, the potential for invalid activity is ever present. This article outlines common sources of invalid activity, as well as solutions to help prevent it.

Thank you for helping us keep AdSense safe. Fraudulent activity lowers overall ads quality, which hurts our users and advertisers. Our ad buying policies are designed to prevent fraudulent activity, which can lead to account suspension. We want to help our publishers get back into good standing with us as quickly as possible, which is why we're providing this list of suggestions to help address the issue on your site.

The following program provides guidelines for filling an appeal form. The information you provide will help us to determine whether we made a good decision in deactivating your account and whether your site, mobile app and/or YouTube channel is eligible for re-activation:

Before we get started, we want to thank you for taking the time to fill out this appeal form. We understand how frustrating it is to get rejected and we're here to help. To ensure that we assist you in the best way possible, we'd like to ask a few questions about your account. 1. Tell us a little bit about your site and how your site promotes relevant content and benefits the users: For example: does it contain unique and valuable information?

Please note: If it's determined for any reason that the appeal was not submitted by an authorized representative of the publisher, your appeal will be denied. Consider using our troubleshooter to help identify invalid traffic.

Appealing to Google will be a three-step process: fill out the form we send you; we review your appeal and provide feedback; and we evaluate how well your site is complying with our policies.

Google has a set of rules for how a website can participate in the AdSense for content program. You can see those rules here:

You can also see a video for this appeal form that will help you complete it quickly.

Question 5 : Please include any data from your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests which could explain invalid activity?

Answer : If you have been using the Google AdSense Integrity policy to block invalid activity from your page or channel, please let us know what you have been doing to attempt to manage invalid clicks and impressions on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel.

Whether you own a website, mobile app, or YouTube channel, you can submit an appeal form for invalid activity in your Google AdSense account in the AdSense Help Center. You must provide details on how you plan to prevent invalid activity on your site, mobile app, or YouTube channel. For example, you could provide the technical details of traffic filters that are in place to prevent inappropriate traffic from coming to your site or mobile app. Or if you have unusual traffic patterns, indicate shifts in trends that are evident in your server logs or web analytics reporting systems.

We are working on an extensive amount of changes to help improve ad traffic quality on both our site and YouTube channel.

By completing and submitting this form you certify that you have not artificially inflated your invalid click rate. This form must be completed and sent within 48 hours of receiving notification of an invalid traffic click. It is our intention to provide all publishers the opportunity to provide details on how they will implement changes to prevent future invalid activity on their site or app and/or YouTube channel. We understand your implementation may take time and want to work with you through this implementation process. Thank you for your attention and cooperation in providing the requested information.

Fill the Google AdSense appeal form for an invalid click activity , if your adsense account had been disabled or suspended for invalid activity. You may complete and submit the appeals form within 60 days of when your account was disabled. If you do not complete and submit the appeals form within 60 days, we'll complete our investigation and permanently disable your account. If you're able to provide additional information which would demonstrate that you've corrected the issues causing invalid activity, please include it in your appeal form. It will be reviewed, and if appropriate, adjustments will be made to your account.

Follow the checklist found here to identify and prevent invalid activity

Google Publisher Tag (GPT) ad invalid click activity is a violation of the AdSense program policies and is prohibited. AdSense publishers affected by invalid traffic (IVT) and/or ad impressions and click activity that Google deems to be invalid will receive a notification, with instructions on how to appeal the decision.

I have multiple sites under the same account. Some of their URLs are/can be working remotely even if they are blocked but not all. I have probably thousands of invalid clicks reported. Have you got any idea how can i know which are my ip address are causing errors? I thought maybe by analyzing the /advertiser-id/ I will be able to see source IP addresses with most invalid clicks, but it does not seems so. Thank you again

I've sent another email to Google Adsense team in the hope that they will work with me over this problem. I've put in a TRACE in my site's settings which shows me where the traffic isn't coming. You can see this clearly on Google Analytics or any other analytics program.

Is My Google Adsense Earning Increase?

Here is a short excerpt from our guide regarding Invalid Clicks:

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For example, did you post any external links on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? If yes, please provide the URL(s).

In order to process your request, we will need all the information from the affected source(s). When you fill out this form, please provide a detailed description of the activity that did not comply with our AdSense policies. If you have a list of URLs that were affected, please list them below along with any relevant timestamps. As a reminder, you should only fill out this form if your account was disabled due to invalid activity, or if you received a specific notification from us about invalid activity on a URL.

When you appeal for invalid click activity, make sure to provide us with details about how users might have found your content.

AdSense provides a set of tools to help you track invalid clicks and impressions experienced in your accounts. These include the Invalid Clicks Report, which lists the sites generating traffic to your ad units after receiving a policy strike. It also includes best practices and tips.

The best place to do this is your site's Google Search Console. Do you see any messages here that report invalid activity? If so, what does it say? You can click on the links and find out more detail.


the author of the article How To Fill Invalid click Activity Appeal Form For Google AdSense , made a thorough research about this issue and collected all the necessary information to fill Google AdSense appeal form.

You want to get your money for invalid click activity, but you don't know how to fill click activity appeal form for Google's AdSense program. Have you received an email notification telling you that Google has classified a Click Activity event on the account as invalid? Then you want to read this article before submitting your appeal directly to Google.

The following article will guide you to fill the Google AdSense Invalid Click Activity Appeal form in detail. Read it once, and I am sure you will know all the important information needed to successfully appeal your invalid click activity ban with ease.

When the invalid activity is found in Google AdSense account and Google has denied payment for that particular Activity , then we should not lose heart and instead we should try hard to convince google that we are not guilty and rather our Invalid click activity was really genuine. The appeal form which we need to fill for this purpose is available on Payoneer website. Just follow the link below to fill this appeal form easily, don't forget to read the guidelines given in that link before filing your complaint against the invalid activity.

Did you know that most Google Adsense adsense account holders have a common issue where their account suspended due to invalid click activity? If you are one of them then this post is right for you. In fact, a lot of you probably wouldn't even be reading this post if it wasn't for your adsense account getting temporarily or permanently banned.

Appeal Against Invalid Click Activity: If you received an email from Google AdSense that your account was Click Faulty then you need to follow below mentioned steps to get your account back into AdSense: Valid Click Invalid Click Valid Click: If you did not click on the ads and still got clicked then email Google for invalid click at The email has to be provide complete information regarding this Invalid Click."

Thank you for contacting Google regarding invalid click activity. The appeal was successful and your account has been updated to reflect your updated settings.

The Appeal Form has fields that need to be filled with the details about the invalid click your publisher supposedly made. The fields are relatively easy to fill. Here is a sample appeal form attached.

In fact, if you have been terminated from Google AdSense account, or your payment from Google AdSense account has been zeroed out after you have been charged for invalid activity click, there is a possibility that you can reinstate your account as long as it is not permanently terminated.

If you have received an email from Google AdSense with the subject line "Alert! Invalid activity detected on your account" it is probably not a good thing. If you have clicked on the link inside it most likely means you have clicked more than Google allows. So now what?

Here are some tips on how fill the appeal form with high confidence.  These are the most important points in this whole post.

There are numerous reasons for the inactivity in the account of a publisher in AdSense. Typically, inactivity in AdSense occurs in a number of cases. For instance, if a publisher is not logging into his/her AdSense account then it would be considered to be inactive….

How to fill Invalid click Activity appeal form for Google Adsense account.

There are few account holders who have encountered invalid click issue, so they must fill the activity appeal form for the Google Adsense. Before filling this form, they should first know what it is all about.

The appeal work for Google AdSense is a form which you have to fill, if your concern is related to your AdSense account. Many people have queries about the invalid clicks on the particular ads and they want to fix this problem without going into a manual ban from Google. This post will help them out to solve this issue and also how to fill the appeal form for Google AdSense, without going into a confusion.

Have you ever got banned of Google AdSense Due false invalid click activity , So don't worry we will help you out.

Form number GC57 is created to complain or appeal about any invalid activities related to clicking on your Google AdSense account.

We'll walk you through the whole process from finding the appeal form to addressing your AdSense auditor's questions. In the following sections, we've tried to explain Google's policies around invalid activities and common reasons why a video can get disapproved. We've also included a step-by-step guide to filling out the form, plus screenshots of an example appeal.

The appeal form is the last thing you need to do to satisfy Google's request. Your appeal should show that you have taken the necessary steps to stop invalid clicks on your site, and you've removed invalid activity according to Google's standards. But what does successful appeal actually mean? How will Google know if you've really fixed your site so it won't serve ads to bots?

Google AdSense Publishing Policies are clear to prevent users from making misleading or fraudulent content. Moreover, AdSense publishers are not allowed to click their own ads for monetization purposes. However, when you create an appeal, ensure that you have not violated any policy of the Google AdSense program. Here are some examples of what not to do when appealing these types of errors:

Google AdSense is a valuable advertising tool and it's generally not silly to miss. If your account has been disabled due to invalid activity, you should review these reasons and try to resolve each before making a final decision. You can contact Google AdSense directly by submitting an appeal for accounts that have been disabled.

Many Website Owners Are Failing To Fill Their Invalid click Activity Appeal For Google AdSense Account. However, if Application Is Wrongly Rejected You Can Get 100% Refund From Google AdSense Because

In this post, you will learn how to fill the Invalid click activity appeal form for Google AdSense account. You will learn a step-by-step guide on filling the appeal form and what information to provide in your appeal. If you ever received a notification from Google about invalid clicks for your ad code, here is a simple way to handle it.

Fill AdSense Invalid click Activity appeal form for Google Adsense. You can fill invalid click activity appeal form from your dashboard or from the notification that you get on your dashboard after you received an email from Google AdSense team.

I have seen a lot of bloggers and website owners frustrated because their AdSense account has been suspended. A suspended account can be frustrating, especially when you just started earning good money from your blog. However, things might not turn out as bad as you think. I will tell you how to fill an appeal form for invalid activity on your AdSense account and how to increase your chances of getting your adsense account reinstated.

It is said that Google Adsense can be a poor man's best friend. In today's article, I am going to tell the story what happened with me and how I had to fill an appeal form for my google adsense account, just because I had a low CTR of 0.01%.

Register an appeal for invalid activity on your Google AdSense account Several publishers experience problems with earning, payments or having their account disabled due to invalid activity recently. More information about the activity detection system is available in our article " Invalid activity". If you believe that your clicks are valid (although they may not fall into the above categories) then click here to launch the appeal form. We encourage all affected publishers to take advantage of this feature and submit a valid form. This will help us to understand the issues that publishers face. We appreciate that this process can be very time-consuming, so we have simplified it for you by providing

Author has made this book as simple and error free as possible so that even newbie without any knowledge about game of AdSense can apply it easily. I am sure this book will help you to keep your AdSense account safe and profitable for longer years.

Google AdSense Publisher appeal is not always an easy task. Publishing invalid activity activity relates to the fact that ads are detected on content that does not adhere to AdSense policies for publisher sites. The AdSense team reviews all appeals, but may request additional information be provided before making a final decision. Appeals submitted without sufficient information will likely result in rejection of the appeal. Here are some tips to help make your appeal as strong as possible.

There is a tiny web in between in front of your Google Adsense Appeal Sandbox webpage. in this webpage, there is a incomplete text written in it. so please read carefully from the top to the bottom, enter your account email address and send it with appeal form.

In case you have been banned by Google, you first need to work out exactly what the reason for your ban was. This is a very important step as this will not only help you understand why you have been banned but it will also help you find a way to avoid being banned in the future!

How To Fill Invalid click Activity Appeal Form For Google AdSense - 03/07/2019 10:41 AM

Appealing to Google AdSense request, here is “How To Fill Invalid click Activity Appeal Form For Google AdSense” step-by-step guide for you. With this simple tool, you can fill the appeal request with ease and get your payment on time.

This is Guide help you How to Fill Invalid click Activity Appeal Form For Google AdSense, The Wrong Clicks are detected by the Google system itself or its contractors or third parties. Some of the reasons for detection of invalid clicks include users clicking non-clickable areas of any ad serving page; bots; web crawlers; proxies; anonymizers that were not authorized to use the AdSense program; automated gameplaying software; and other similar automated types of activities. When Google detects an invalid click activity it serves ads without revenue share.

No one wants to end up on a blacklist especially Google AdSense publishers. You can easily find a reason for getting into this list. Using invalid click activity appeal form you can end the case in your favor. Simply sending a message to Google will not solve the problem.

Before filling the form, you must understand what is Invalid click Activity. It includes clicking, impressions, ad clicks or any other activity that generates revenue without user interest. The above activities are prohibited by Google AdSense terms and conditions for web site publisher.

Here in this blog i am sharing the detailed steps to file the appeal for invalid click activity with Google Adsense. If you still think that you are getting invalid impressions then please keep patience because it may take some time to get your account back. Google says, Its takes an average of 60 days to process your appeal application. So please do not take any negative decision before the completion of 60 days.

Invalid clicks are what you get when you click on ads that appear on your website. However, if the number of invalid clicks gets too high, then Google will reject that month's payouts. This simple video will help you fill the Appeals Form for invalid activity (some clicks) and also see what type of evidence Google will want to show them to prove it wasn't you clicking away! This video applies to any country.

These days, Google Adsense has been widely used by so many people who can earn a lot of money from this platform. You can also earn a lot of money from the adsense program. But if your account is banned by google adsense, you will lose all of your earnings. Your income source will be immediately cut off. That means, you need to fill an appeal or reinstate adsense account request to google adsense content immediately after you get banned from this program.

Here is template appeal letter that you can write to Google AdSense support. You just need to fill the blanks with your personal details and then send it to Google via their website.

In the AdSense program, you can earn a lot of money by hosting ads. However, enduring a temporary ban from AdSense is a terrible thing, so if you have been banned from AdSense, don't feel bad. It happens to almost every publisher sooner or later, and the good news is that if you have been banned, there is a way to get back into the Ad Sense Program as well as appeal your ban reversal.

Invalid/ Activity traffic appeal Form Link : Ckick Here

Find Your Publisher ID : Click Her

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